resin care <3

hi loves, this is a lil care page for your new resin piece! this info is to keep you & others safe! please read & learn how to care for your new piece and yourself, especially those purchasing wall hangings, incense burners and ashtrays!

  • do NOT leave an ashtray or incense burner in your car! ESPECIALLY during the summer and/or when it is hot. when resin reaches a certain temperature (around 140 degrees farhrenheit/60 degrees celsius) it will begin to soften. therefore causing your item to not only demold and warp but will create & release toxic fumes!
  • if you do happen to live where it is fairly hot year round please keep resin pieces out of direct sunlight and, like the previous point, do NOT leave resin pieces in your car! (can be 90-100 degrees fahrenheit outside or even in your car to cause problems mentioned above!)
  • please use ashtrays to just catch ash, and ASH ONLY! 
  • to clean your new resin piece, use gentle soap and lukewarm water!
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